Kate Crawford

Thinking about data

I'm a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New York City, a Visiting Professor at MIT's Center for Civic Media, and a Senior Fellow at NYU's Information Law Institute. My research addresses the social impacts of big data, and I'm currently writing a new book on data and power with Yale University Press.

I'm on the advisory boards of the Information Program at George Soros' Open Society Foundation, The New Museum's art and technology incubator NEW INC, and several academic journals including Big Data and Society. In 2013, I was a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio fellow, where I worked on issues to do with big data, ethics and communities. I'm also a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Data for Development, and I'm a co-director of the Council for Big Data, Ethics & Society.

Apart from the academic stuff, I've also written for The Atlantic, The New York Times and The New Inquiry. More on that below.

You can email me at kate [at] katecrawford [dot] net. Or try @katecrawford on Twitter. If you're so inclined, here's my PGP Key.

'More Awesome Than Money,' by Jim Dwyer

My latest for The New York Times on Jim Dwyer's new book on Diaspora, idealism and technology.

When Fitbit Is The Expert Witness

Wearable device data is now being used in courtrooms. I consider some of the ramifications in The Atlantic.

Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society

Member of the Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society, an initiative of the new Data & Society Research Institute.

The Anxieties of Big Data

Here's a recent essay I wrote for The New Inquiry on the twin anxieties of the surveillers and the surveilled (aka "From Squeaky Dolphin to Normcore").

Reporting Abuse Online is Broken

The Atlantic reports on my recent research paper with Tarleton Gillespie, "What is a Flag For? Social Media Reporting Tools and the Vocabulary of Complaint" (New Media & Society, 2014).

Who Shapes the News You Read?

NiemanLab article by Mike Annanny and me on our research into news app design and how software engineers are shaping contemporary news.